Fox River LT CPM3V

O.E.M. Project

Aurora A-2 Fill-In

P.S.K. Elmax

Blackjack Model 14-8 Attack Knife Protos

Bushcrafter Jimped 3V

O.E.M. Project #1

O.E.M. Project #2

Bravo-1 A-2 Fill -In

Bravo-III CPM3V Fill-In

Featherweight Hunter

O.E.M. Project #3

Kephart CPM3V

Bird & Trout Knife Fill-In

Pro-Scalpel-II Elmax

Special Hunting Knife Hidden Tang

Bravo-Pig Sticker 154 CM

Blackjack Mamba – A-2

Trailmate CPMS35VN

Trailbuddy CPMS35VN

Bravo-1.5 A-2

Bravo-1.5 Field Version A-2

O.E.M. Project #4

Fallkinven F-1

Blackjack Broadhead Thrower

Moro Barong

Wilderness Explorer

Bravo-1 CPM3V

Bravo-1.5 CPM 3V

Fox River-II CPM3V

Bush Seax Field Knife

Boundary Rider Bowie – A-2

Essential CPM M-4

O.E.M. Project #1A

Bushcrafter-II CPM 3V

Loveless Style Caper

O.E.M. Project #2A


Essential II CPM4V

Blackjack Smaller 125

Scagel Large Camp Knife

O.E.M. Project #3A

Estella Wilderness Knife

Scagel Small Hunter

Scagel Small Bowie

Scagel Small Skinner

O.E.M. Project #4A

Mini Special Hunting Knife

Grasso-Bolo Basic

Mini-Grasso Bolo

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