Canadian Camp Knife II

Overall Length: 13 in/33.02 cm

Blade Length: 8 in/20.32 cm

Blade Steel: A2 Tool Steel @ 58-60rc

Blade Thickness: .190 in/4.826 mm

Weight: 13 oz

Kalahari Hunter

Overall Length: 9.250 in/23.495 cm

Blade Length: 4.5 in/11.43 cm

Blade Thickness: .170 in/4.318 cm

Blade Steel: A2 Tool Steel @ 58-60rc

Weight: 7.5 oz

Bravo Strike Force

Overall Length: 11.875 in/30.1625 cm

Blade Length: 6.75 in/17.145 cm

Blade Thickness: .250 in/6.35 mm

Blade Material: A2 @ 58-60rc

Weight: 14.25 oz

Bravo E.D.C.

Overall Length: 7.125 in/18.975 cm

Blade Length: 3.375 in/8.5725 cm

Blade Thickness: .145 in/3.683 cm

Blade Steel: A2 @ 58-60rc

Weight: 3.5 oz


Overall Length: 12.875 in/32.7025 cm

Blade Length: 7.75 in/19.685 cm

Blade Steel: 154CM S.S. @ 58rc

Weight: 12.4 oz

Blade Thickness: .270 in/6.858 mm

Drop Point Hunter

Overall Length:

Blade Length:

Blade Steel:

Blade Thickness:



Boone – A2
Aurora – A2
Ghost II
Gunny-Gunny Hunter – Bohler Elmax Steel
Adventurer 20CV S.S.
Springbok Hunter – CPM3V
Hudson Bay Camp Knife II
10″ Super Chef – CPM20CV
E.P.K. Emergency Knife
Gunny – A2
Grasso Bolo II
Grasso Bolo III
Gameskeeper – A2
Bravo 1 LT – CPM3V
Bravo 1 – A2
Camp & Trail Knife – A2
Bravo 1 – CPM3V
Bravo 1 – S35VN
Bushcrafter – CPM3V
Gunny – S35VN
Boundary Rider Bowie – A2
Bushcrafter II
Bravo 1 – Russian Version
Bravo Necker I – CPM3V

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