Overall Length: 5.125in/13.02cm
Blade Length: 2.19in/5.56cm
Blade Steel: 154CM
Steel Thickness: .125in/3.2mm
Weight: 1.375 oz
Hardness: 58RC

The Micro Canadian II was first introduced in 2004 and has been a big part of our line since then. This run was made in Crucible’s 154CM Stainless Steel. This is a significant upgrade from the 12C27 we have used in the past. The 154CM is more corrosion resistant and yields a 60% increase in edge holding and edge stability because of the increase of carbon content and the added Molybdenum.

We have changed the lanyard hole from 3/16in to 1/4in for easier use of para-cord or leather. Below you will also see the etch we use to mark each blade.





The Micro Canadian II in 154CM is clearly a great tool and, in the spirit of all Bark River Knives, will do the work of a much larger knife. It is the ideal companion for a larger knife and will do caping and other small tasks easily.

The Micro Canadian II is shipped with our Bushcraft F Sheath that is already set up for our Modular Sheath System and can be piggy backed with any of our larger Bushcraft Sheaths.