• Bravo 1.5 Review


    Immediately, I noticed how agile it felt in my hand. Thanks to the skeletonized but full-exposed tang, the balance is just behind the ricasso. The palm swell is generous and the ramp is not too large to impair choking up on the grip for fine work.

  • Grasso Bolo II Review


    I used it in lieu of a small hatchet or hand-and-a-half axe to limb a tree that recently came down on my property. Working from the base of the trunk towards the top and allowing for a generous follow through, the Grasso Bolo II made quick work of the limbs. This test is meant to duplicate the efforts a person would make in creating a spruce bough bed. Other than resin from the wood, there was no issue in working the blade this way.

  • Ultra Light Buchcrafter Review


    I refuse to write a review for a knife I do not put ample time in working it out. This knife was carried regularly for approximately 3 months at the point this review was written and has been used in place of my usual folding knife carried around the clock. It was carried while teaching a weekend long emergency overnight survival course in winter conditions. It was carried in my car for occasional tasks and while on short hikes in the woods with my camera.


  • Ghost II Karambit Review


    Deeply embedded in Indonesian, Filipino and Malaysian cultures is a blade easily identifiable by its form and widely respected for its function. The origins of the karambit date back hundreds of years and the reputation from battle is well-deserved.