“I go hunting every year in MI with some dear friends from there. I’ve never been up to the UP, and I was wondering if you had a storefront. I thought next time I’m there I could make a trip to meet you guys and buy an amazing knife! I live in WA state and have been drooling over your knives for a couple years… Thanks for the great work everyone, and I count the days till I’ve got a Bark River knife in my hand.”-D. Souza 07/1/2016

“I just wanted to say how excited I am to have ordered a Bravo 1 made in our home state of Michigan! I’m a hunter, trapper, naturalist, wildlife biologist, and entomologist by training (Go Green). I can’t wait to put the Bravo 1 into practice.”- F. Scott 6/9/2016

“I’ve recently purchased a fox river, and it’s awesome. I love it.”- B. Scarr 05/26/2016

“I received my knife back today in the mail. Beautiful work and exactly as described! Often heard Bark River Knives offers one of the best customer service in the industry, and my personal experience can certainty attest to this statement. Please continue the great work!”-P. Li 3/28/2016

“I absolutely love your company. Best products in the industry, hands down!” –R. Casey 1/30/2016

“I would like to thank you for your amazing products, which I used many years and made me very happy. I think you are doing a great job and hope to see the same quality in all your upcoming works of art.”- C. Razvan  1/13/16

“Back in Sep of this year I ordered an Aurora with A-2 blade, i love it! I have carried it all through archery, small game, turkey and rifle season. Through sun, rain and snow. It has been awesome.”-L. Gordon 12/27/15

“Hi there, I just wanted to take the time to email you guys to tell you how much I love you guys! The precision and manufacturing that goes into your product is top notch. I can tell you guys care about quality, which is something I rarely see nowadays. I just wanted to tell you guys how much we love you and that being outdoors is my favorite pass time, thank you so much for making that possible!”- S. Mark 12/20/15

“Having purchased a Bravo 1.5 Field approximately one year ago, I can say I am extremely pleased with your product; the knife has performed admirably thus far, most of which has been middle of the road use, followed by light stropping to keep the edge in check, the A-2 Tool steel has maintained its edge phenomenally, simply requiring a light touch up on a strop or steel to keep it hair-popping sharp.”-M. Jennings 9/28/15

“Hi, Today I received my North Star EDC, from knives ship free. The knife is amazing, I love it.”-B. Wells 9/28/15

“Thank You for the top notch service! Knife looks great! Not a lot of use yet but the regrind seems as perfect as you could do based on my rather vague request.”-J. Schwabe 8/14/15

“Hello! I am from Sweden and has just discovered Bark river knives. I have fallen in love with the Bravo and Gunny.”-K. Sjöberg 7/6/15

“I cannot complain about it’s performance. Y’all did an excellent job and I will purchase more in the future. Thank you. From the great state of Texas, have a great day and be proud of the life you have been blessed with.”-V. Brown 6/25/15

“I’ve just last week rec’d by new Bark River Scandi with thuyla wood burl handle. This is my 4th BRK and I am totally in love with it. It is not only beautiful, but about the most all-around useful knife I own– and I own a few.” R. Brummett 1/9/15

“I now own the Bushcrafter with Ram’s horn handles and red liners in 3V steel. I like it so much I purchased one of your matching fire steels (yes, including a red liner). This is a great knife! I know from the video this is Mike’s 2nd favorite knife, but for me it is #1. 😀. The handle shape and blade design (I did note the similarities to the Canadian Special) all work for me. I told Derrick at Knives Ship Free it is as close to a perfect knife as I have ever owned*. Plus, while unrelated to functionality; ram’s horn, red liners, and matching fire steel — it is blade stylin at it’s best.” –R. Edgecomb 11/2/14

“Hi guys, first let me tell you how impressed I am by my ghost 2. I thought I loved my bravo 1! Wow this ghost 2 blew me away and is going to be my edc.” – C. Montrose 10/5/14

“I recently bought a 3V G10 Fox River. I love the knife and plan to carry it sheathed in my backpack (I carry a Mini Fox River crossdraw style on my belt) “- L. Houseman 9/17/14

“I am the proud and happy owner of several Bark River knives. I own the Bravo, the Bravo II, the machete and the clip point Golok. I take great pride of ownership in these fine blades. I also own a Special Hunting Knife and I think it may be my favorite of the bunch.” – B. Russell 7/29/14

 “I also own the Pro Scalpel II in A2 along with 65+ other custom and production blades that I’ve collected over the past 35 years, many of which, cost significantly more than your superior product. I would just like to thank you and the crew at Bark River for the exceptional products you produce. and look forward to owning several more of your fine tools. And yes, they are the tools I use to make my living. After 35 years of cutting, slicing, shaving and sharpening. I can, with complete confidence, recommend your product to anyone.” – B. Bardsley 6/10/14