Bravo Necker


Overall Length: 6.25 in/15.88 cm
Blade Length: 2.5in/6.35cm
Blade Steel: CPM 3V
Steel Thickness: .130 in/3.30 mm
Weight: 2.35 oz
Hardness: 60RC

The Bravo-Necker series has been made to give the option of using the popular Bravo Design in a very compact knife that is easy to use in the field and as an EDC. The handle scales on this series are detachable and interchangeable for either the Necker I or Necker II. We have chosen CPM 3V for the Blade Steel on this series because of the Tremendous edge stability and it’s superior edge holding. Our new leather sheaths with rare earth retention can be suspended from a ball-chain for safe and dependable carry.

This knife is supplied with the Necker Sheath. However, it can also be matched with a Small Universal, and Double Pocket Sheaths.