Bravo Necker

Overall Length: 6.25in/15.875cm
Blade Length: 2.5in/6.35cm
Blade Steel: CPM3V
Steel Thickness: .130in/3.3mm
Weight: 1.5oz
Weight with Handles: 2.375oz
Hardness: 60RC

The Bravo Necker I, was first introduced in 2009. We have made and sold over a thousand of this iteration in the Bravo series of knives, and it continues to be a powerful EDC and small-to-medium task knife. This knife is available in CPM3V, which is an easily sharpened, very tough, and resistant professional grade steel that is guaranteed to give you years of worry-free usage.

Bark River is all about choices. We wanted the choices to be more than just the choice of handles. We came up with the electro-static powder coating as a way of adding these choices. Coatings slow down the cutting power of a blade up to 50% of its potential. The solution was to not compromise the cutting power of the Necker by grinding the blade as normal and removing the powder coating on the blade portion as we convex the blade.

The Bravo Necker comes with a Kydex Sheath.